The Power of “YET”

I stumbled across this Ted Talk today about the “power of yet” and had a great realization. In today’s fast paced world we all have a tendency to want things right and right now. I have found that, since I have grown up with technology at my finger tips and endless opportunities all around me, I have become a bit of an “adrenaline junkie” (as my mother would put it). What I mean is that I have this need for things to be exciting and always going well in my life, career and relationships and when they are not I find myself seeking ways not to “fail”. This concept of “not yet” is intriguing to me because many times in life the best is “yet” to come and just because it is not perfect now or something didn’t work out this time does mean that you have failed. This video was a great reminder today that just because a goal has not been met yet does not mean that it never will be. Lets stop giving ourselves F’s and instead give ourselves the grade of “not yet”.

Here is the link to the Ted Talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/carol_dweck_the_power_of_believing_that_you_can_improve#t-120189

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