Live the life you love

Your daily reminder to be unapologetically you.

Today I am filled the with overwhelming sense of peace. I am living proof that life is not perfect, but that perfection is not what makes it each day so beautiful and wonderful. Your life is made up of choices. Each day you can choose to work hard, love, relax, smile, etc. These decisions, big or small, are what shape your perceptions and realities. In today’s society much of our worth is based on how hard you work and how much money you make. While that is admirable, I certainly don’t want to be measured solely by my income and working status. I am more than a working woman. I am a wife, a best friend, a daughter, a dog mom, a sister, a singer, a runner and much much more. So each day I choose to exemplify these other descriptors of who I am because at the end of the day that is what matters.

Everyone deserves to live the life they love. Why aren’t more people choosing to do so? Is it fear of perceptions from others? Is it an “I have to do this” mentality? Is it a fear of failure? Maybe it is simply complacency that stops people from taking advantage of every single second this life has offer and making it yours. What ever the reason is I challenge you to have courage and do something everyday that makes your heart sing. Be unapologetically you and remember that you are more than your job and income. Choose to live the life you love.

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