Bad Days


It is no secret that some days are just tough. Some days you wake up and have gained a pound or you spill coffee on yourself when you are already running late. How you let that affect the rest of your day, though, is what matters.Publication1-1-775x450

You are allowed to be frustrated, but it is about not camping there. Take setbacks as an opportunity to persevere and motivate you to be better. The key to moving out of this “funk” is being kind and gracious with yourself. It is not to say that you did nothing wrong, if you did not exercise the day before and gained weight as a result. It is simply acknowledging the truth of the situation and letting it go. If your mind tries to go back to that critical self-loathing place, speak kind and positive things to yourself. Simple reminders that you are imperfectly perfect can help you to live a more positive life and love yourself.

I know that I always feel better when I move one. No one likes to be unhappy with themselves, but only you can change your way of thinking. Spend the next week practicing positive self-talk when negativity creeps in and see how your days change.


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