Expectations and Judgement

Judge-14Last night I watched the new Beauty and The Beast movie, yes, I know I am way behind. It got me thinking about love, life and happiness. As I sat and watched the film, nostalgically reliving my childhood, I could not help but think about how we treat, perceive and love people.

The movie focuses on the idea of not judging people by their appearance. It addresses appearance from both perspectives, those who do not feel attractive based on their appearance and those who are visually appealing, but different in terms of personality.

I sat and thought about how lovely this message is, but how often we dismiss people for not meeting our expectations, because that is really what this is about. We expect “pretty people” to be nice but dumb and we expect “unattractive people” to be smart but off-putting. Unfortunately, this is a learned behavior and it is likely we are all walking around judging at least one person based on their appearance every day.

While I am not perfect and admit that I have done this, I know for a fact that beauty has absolutely nothing to do with appearance. I know that love does not judge. It surpasses all expectations and sees the true person within.

Every person has beauty in them. It may not shine through right away or be tucked down so far no one can see it, but it is there. I believe it is our job to help uncover the best each person has to offer. If we can think of people as diamonds in the rough we can lead less judgmental lives, which ultimately makes us happier.

Happiness is achieved when we choose to overlook the negative and see only love. I challenge you today to see the good in those you may be tempted to judge and feel the happiness that will come from this act of love. Release any expectations and reap the benefits.






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