Are you an Oyster or a Pearl?


We all know that pearls are formed from oysters, clams and mussels. Pearls are the result of sand and parasites entering the shell. However, did you know that the parasite that enters the oyster (for example) is then covered with layers and layers of fluid to protect the oyster and ultimately create the pearl?

If you think about it, we are all oysters and we have parasites in our lives everyday trying to break through our walls and destroy us from within. These parasites come in the form of negative news, body shaming, stereotypes and many other things that enter our minds and threaten to destroy our psyche. It can be so hard to ignore the negativity around us, but it if we let it, it will destroy us.

It is extraordinary to think that something so harmful, like a parasite, can transform into something so beautiful. However, we see this all the time. We see tragedy around the world bringing people together. We see drug addicts and alcoholics become preachers and leaders. We see broken families become whole again. These are pearls. These people are the result of layers and layers of positivity in their lives.

Much like the oyster we all have a choice, to battle hate with love and positivity or to let the parasites and sand creep in and destroy us a little at a time. We all need more pearls in this bitter world. The next time you see someone who appears to be a parasite try to coat them with love. Each layer no matter how thin will eventually produce a beautiful pearl who can then help to create more.


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