Syllabus Day


I don’t about you, but I always hated syllabus day in college. Many students see this day as a blow off day when no real work is done, but I always left each class feeling perpetually overwhelmed. To me, syllabus day was class after class full of seemingly endless tasks to be completed by the end of the semester. It was an extreme intake of information and always caused me to feel an abundance of fear as to how I would ever get everything done.

However, I never let that feeling or fear stop me, because I used a method now known as visualization. I did not know I was using this method before, but now that I know more about it I can see it’s benefits and the times I have used it.

As my husband and I embark on this very daunting and complicated journey to become business owners I find myself back in “syllabus day” many times each week. I become almost crippled with fear and want to give up. Then I jump into action I start thinking about what our store will look like, how exciting it will be to promote our business and begin to plan.

Visualization is best paired with planning. Planning helps to break these mountains into boulders, then rocks we can move a handful at a time. Visualization and planning can help you slow down and think through your actions. Take a minute to think about the times you have made the biggest mistakes. It is incredibly likely that you were in a hurry. If you can stop and take a moment to visualize the situation and plan your course of action you will achieve the success you intend and avoid silly errors.

Are you avoiding something due to fear or uncertainty? Is it a tough conversation? Getting out and exercising? Following your dreams? Whatever it is, visualize the end result over and over. Then slowly allow that visualization to become a plan. One step at a time, slowly determine the first step, the next and so on. If you can do this you will reduce your anxiety, be happier and achieve your dreams.

For more information on visualization visit: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-athletes-way/201606/the-neuroscience-planning-and-navigating-your-daily-life



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