Thankful for Grief

imagesLife is not perfect. People are not perfect. I am not perfect. However, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I have had a life full of love, joy, excitement and grief. You may be surprised to see grief listed as to why I feel lucky, but grief is a major part of life and without it we would not be able to fully embrace the good days.

In reflecting on what I am thankful for this week, in light of Thanksgiving, I have noticed a pattern in my life. The pattern goes like this: auto- pilot, unexpected heartache, despair, enlightenment, determination, joy, auto-pilot, unexpected heartache etc… You see I have decided time and time again in the face of despair to rise above the tragedy (big or small) and turn my grief into a blessing. I can honestly say this was not intentional every time, but in looking back I can see how I have done this over and over.

While people have no-doubt experienced far more horrific tragedies than me, I know that we all face demons of some level many times throughout our lives. Sometimes these periods of despair linger on for what seems like forever. However, every day is a new day and brings small blessings in our lives, little victories to lift our spirits. It is not to say these small wins will fix or undo the hurt or loss we are experiencing, but if we allow the blessings to touch us in our hearts we can make progress toward enlightenment and move toward the inevitable joy waiting for us.

So, this Thanksgiving I am thankful for grief. I am thankful for the times in my life I have been challenged, pushed to my breaking point and pulled through. I am thankful for the joy that is always there if I take the time and energy to find it. This Thanksgiving I challenge you to see the joy through your grief, embrace the small wins and let your heart be filled with peace and love.

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