Today I find myself thinking about 1c0671d485f9b7777a7d78165d3e8f87confidence. I can honestly say that this is something I struggle with. I often think of everyone else being better, stronger, prettier and smarter than myself and these thoughts ultimately lead to fear which has held me back.

Why is it that we listen to the negative voice in our minds rather than the kinder ones? I think it is because it is easier to do nothing than rise up and reach our full potential. I also think it is due to a fear of standards, the idea that once you reach the top the only place to go is down.

The main thing I see is that we are constantly anticipating the next move and the “what if’s”. However, you can’t possibly imagine the good that could also come from pursuing your dreams. We only visualize the worst.

Instead of anticipating the worst and falling into survival mode I would like to see people (myself included) choose who they want to be and choose their destiny. Confidence does not have to mean that you are cocky or overly proud. Confidence is simply believing that you can do anything you put your mind to and that if all else fails you are strong enough to pick yourself back up. Go forward today with confidence and know that you are made for more than you could ever imagine.

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