Waiting on the other shoe to drop

1I had a realization yesterday while listening to a sermon at church. My pastor was preaching about “enough” and he talked about how God has us and we are enough with his love on our side. I have enjoyed this sermon series, but one particular point resonated with me yesterday. He talked about how when God has provided great things people tend to think that this is the best of their lives and it cannot get better than this. He encouraged us to throw this thinking aside and know that while there will be ups and downs the best is always to come.

This hit the nail on the head for me. I have been finding myself living in a state of worry that my current situation is too good to be true and waiting for “the other shoe to drop”. I can honestly say that I have been blessed to be able to pursue my dreams and passions. However, the realist in me worries about what setback is around the corner.

I do believe what my pastor said about the best is always to come, but how do we stay focused on that? It is natural to live in a cautious state, always “bracing for impact”, but that is not really living. How can we imagine the best from our future if we are always expecting the worst? This is the real message.

If we want to truly see the beauty our future holds, we have to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. The reality is that the other shoe will drop either way. How we spend our time in between the tragedies and victories is what matters. We must live in the present, love every blessing and embrace all this life has to offer.


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