Word Vomit

Have you ever reacted to someone before thinking through your words? Sometimes we word-vomit2clash with people for no apparent reason and allow them to get under our skin. Logic tells us that it is due to different styles of communication and strengths. However, knowing those different styles and actually understanding them are two different things.

Sometimes our “volume” is too high or too low in regard to our strengths. When our volume is too high we tend to be hyper-sensitive to others who’s strengths are polar opposite than our own. This leads to reacting rather than utilizing the strength within us.

Unfortunately, I have done this many times and am always left feeling disappointed in myself and embarrassed. While it is certainly good that I can acknowledge my own mistakes, I tend to hang on to this and beat myself up. This is not healthy and does not make the situation any better.

So, my goal going into the new year is to learn from these moments and decide how to grow from them. Life is about taking mistakes big or small and turning them into opportunities to better yourself. No one expects you to be perfect, so do not hold yourself to that unrealistic standard.

Choosing to be happy also comes with the decision to love yourself and forgive yourself when you are less than perfect. Take each day in stride. You are human.

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