Go for it.

imagesToday I am caught thinking about my decision over 2 months ago to quit my job and pursue my passions. I am also thinking about my brother who has many hobbies including learning to fly airplanes. I often forget how much my brother and I have in common. We live 1,400 miles away from one another, but we share a very distinct personality trait.

We share the decisive trait. When I get an idea in my head I cannot relax or rest until I start to pursue that idea and put those thoughts into action. While my thoughts often revolve around projects and my career, I share the same drive to accomplish new things just like my big brother.

I have often hated this flighty/ nomadic trait within myself. I fear to be perceived as wishy washy, disloyal or lacking commitment. However, in watching my brother pursue his dreams and passions I feel admiration and proud of him for pursing his dreams and finding things that make him happy. This feeling has made me realize that I can also be proud of myself for those same things.

I chose to take a chance and follow my heart. I chose to step out of my comfort zone to pursue my passions and ideas. I chose to go for it. I think that this is something so many people struggle with, going for it. People often feel the need to know all the answers before making a move, but you don’t always have the answers. People also try to wait for the “right time” to make a move, but there never really is a right time. People spend their lives wishing they would have went for it.

What is your excuse? Why are you waiting? Be decisive and listen to your heart. Go for it!

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