All things in moderation

With the new year under way, many of us are dieting or getting back into our work out Business-Sayings-the-road-to-success-is-always-under-constructionroutines. My husband and I are no different and are cleaning up our eating and exercising more as well. Our diet is basically just counting calories and getting some sort of physical activity in for 30 minutes every day.

Most diets preach that all things are good in moderation. It is all about portion control and self-control. However, this idea stems far beyond dieting.

In terms of addictions, people gravitate to certain things based on how the “pleasure center” in your brains react. What most people do not know is that the anything that makes you feel good, especially in the midst of pain or discomfort, lights up the pleasure center in your brain. Addictions come in when you repeatedly and excessively utilize those things to find happiness.

The problem, as you may have guessed, is that in these addictions there is no moderation. So, whether you are addicted to food, drugs, alcohol or even exercising you are overindulging and harming your body. A common addiction that most people do not realize they have is judgment.

This addiction begins with over-examining yourself and picking out every flaw. It then grows to focusing on those flaws and attempting to fix them no matter the cost. After that, it spills over into your relationships and you begin judging others in an effort to dull the judgments you have about yourself.

I would say that we all struggle with this to some degree, but it is the people who have this negative dialogue in their heads that have an addiction. I can’t say that I have the perfect answer resolve this, but the statement holds true: all things are good in moderation.

Being self-aware is a great quality, but in extreme cases you are putting yourself at risk for issues down the road. Just like a diet, sometimes we have to substitute things to fit our needs. In this scenario, swamping kindness and grace for a few judgmental thoughts can lead to a more healthy and balanced life. Remember, “the road to success is always under construction.”- Lily Tomlin

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