We all spend our lives looking to fulfill our ultimate purpose in life. We feel that if we iStock_71021335_LARGE-2cannot identify this singular purpose then we will not have lived a meaningful life. While this thought process is not entirely wrong, thinking that your purpose in life lies in one thing or moment is a fallacy.

Looking at life in a big picture sort of way is perfectly normal, but when it comes to your purpose in life it is important to zoom in. We can imagine our lives going a certain way and work tirelessly to fulfill a specific purpose, but life does not always pan out the way we plan. It is imperative to take note of the small things in life that challenge or move us.

These seemingly minuscule things can later become the defining moments of our lives that change us forever. We are continuously gaining new experiences that drive us to do different things. While we may not acknowledge these experiences as much, they are what ultimately shape us and lead us to discover our many purposes in live.

Life is made up of many chapters. What may have been the driving force in one chapter will be virtually nonexistent in your current chapter. It is with this knowledge that we can learn to live in the present and fulfill our purpose for that chapter of our lives.

It is not one singular moment that we will look back on in life to define us, but the many moments that combine to form a larger purpose. We are the sum of our parts. We are a multitude of experiences. If purpose is what you are seeking in life, then stop looking.

Your purpose will be revealed when you least expect it and will change many times. Embrace life for all that it has to offer and find joy in the small moments. For when you look back at your life you will realize that it was the little moments that left the biggest impact.

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