I love Sundays. For me, this day is my day to prepare for the week and set the tone for imageswhat I want my life to look like over the next 7 days. However, when I was working for others I always hated Sundays and would become very anxious before going to sleep.

I would spend the day getting all sorts of things done and then would feel like I was deprived of my weekend and relaxation. Not getting to relax before my week would give me anxiety, but I knew that if I did not have my meals prepped, laundry done, and the house clean I would struggle through the week. It is interesting to reflect on this now that I am self-employed and sitting here writing on a Sunday night after a full day.

You see, I have a whole new outlook on my week. Because I am home does not stop me from meal prepping or cleaning the house on Sundays. In fact, I have more of a drive to do it and enjoy that I can adjust my schedule to get it done. I love being productive.

One of my top strengths, according to The Strengths Finder 2.0, is Achiever. Being an achiever means I tend to go and go until the job is done, no matter the cost. On days when I have the freedom to get everything on my list done I am thrilled and feel a sense of accomplishment. However, I also have the strength of Connectedness, which makes me want to spend time with my husband and relax.

Having these two strengths keep me balanced, but I struggled before because I felt the pressure to be both all the time. I know now that no one expected that of me and that I should have listened to my intuition better rather than allowing my lack of quality time on Sunday or lack of preparations for the week give me anxiety.

Sundays are meant to set you up for success for the week ahead. What is important to remember is that each week is a chance to start over. Sundays are the perfect day to decide how you want your week to look. However, you have to be ok with the choices you make. You are not perfect and not every week will turn out how you planned, no matter how hard you try.

So, go forward and embrace each week. Listen to your heart, mind and body and walk through your week unapologetically. You are more than the meals you make or the rest you take. You get to decide what defines you every week, day, hour and minute. How are you spending your Sunday?

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