“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” —Theodore Roosevelt


My husband and I love to talk about the future and the potential for our business and life as a whole. Just the other day we were discussing all the possibilities for growth and development within our business. While we both look eagerly to the future I always have an uneasy feeling in my stomach when we get too big picture.

I love this quote from Teddy Roosevelt because it speaks to my fears and feelings. Dreaming and reaching for the stars is great and it is so important to push yourself and aspire to be better than the day before. However, remaining grounded and realistic in your dreams is very important.

Being a planner, I love to have a clear path laid out. The reality, however, is that plans change. A large part of dreaming is being adaptable and allowing your imagination to run it’s course.

I, like most people, think of all the “what if’s”. I like to imagine all my options and how they might play out. Some may say I am spinning my wheels or worrying, but I think this level of reality keeps me grounded.

Dreams don’t have to be fairy tales and unattainable goals. Dreams, if managed realistically, can become realities. If we can remember to keep our feet planted and hearts open we will accomplish far more than we ever imagined possible.





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