Explore your interests

When we are young we are encouraged to find out what we enjoy and pursue our exploredreams. Our parents had us experience many different things in the hopes that we would find a hobby, sport or interest to guide us and help us develop.

For me, I was fortunate enough to have no pressure in terms of my interests. My parents accepted my exploration and did not limit me in my search for what I was passionate about. I tried many sports and hobbies and my interest level changed as I got older, like most people.

Now that I am grown and have made many choices on my own, I have noticed a sad trend. Once we cross into the “real world”, (essentially when we are working full time) hobbies, sports and interests, other than work, begin to fall by the waste side. Then add in having kids and your interests virtually disappear in order to raise your children.

Of course, I understand that having children and a job were things you always desired growing up. However, you are still entitled to your own recreational wants and needs. Why is it that we feel we are failing our families and jobs when we take time to do things for ourselves?

Since we are constantly changing and evolving as we age we should continue to explore things that make us feel good and well rounded. Life is not meant to only be good and fun when we are kids. If anything, we should remember how we felt as children, so excited to grow up and make our own decisions.

So why aren’t we making decisions based on our own wants and needs? Why is it looked down upon to make time for yourself? I challenge you to explore.

No matter your age or family situation, take your life in your own hands and find something that makes you happy. Once you find your hobby, sport, passion or interest do it every day. Life is too short to look back and regret all the time you wasted on everything but yourself.

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