Wise Words from J. Lo

“[You have to] remember the value of your individuality, that you have somethingunnamed different to offer that no one else can.” – Jennifer Lopez

When I began this journey with writing and blogging I had a lot of insecurity about putting my thoughts out for the world to see. I was concerned about standing out and making an impact. All the things you read about how to blog and how to be successful encourage you to find a niche and be different.

I have never thought of myself as different or special in terms of my writing. In fact I know that I need work. However, I just decided to start writing about things around me and what naturally comes to mind.

Fortunately, I spend a lot of time self-reflecting and reading things for inspiration. I have always been a very passionate person when it comes to words. I love quotes and I love things that make you think.

So, while I know that a lot of what I write about are not new concepts, I feel that it is important to express yourself and do it from the heart. For me, this is not about a paycheck. I write in the hopes to put things in a way that others may not have thought about before. I write to encourage people to be unapologetic in their pursuit of happiness.

In the process I have found my voice and what makes me unique. I love that I can inspire others and myself along the way. So, as I go forward with my writing journey, I hope to hold true to myself and who I am on my own personal pursuit of happiness.

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