We all have ideas for our lives. Some are grand plans that will likely never come to Lightbulb_ideafruition and other less amazing plans come together and become realities. The difference in the two is the “buy in”.

If you have plans to start a business, but your spouse is not on board with you quitting your job, then it likely won’t work out. The same is true for a bank, they will not loan you money for said business if they do not feel compelled to do so. Ideas only become realities with enthusiasm and support.

Without enthusiasm it will merely be a fleeting thought. You have to be passionate enough to make your dreams realities. Ideas are great to throw around, but the ones that stick, do so because of the passion and drive behind them.

One example that comes to mind for me about an idea that came to life, was selling our last house. On a random day in March, 2 years ago, my husband shared a link to a gorgeous house with me via email. We looked at the house with no intention of actually selling or buying a new home, but by May we ended up selling our home by ourselves and moved into a new home (not the gorgeous one, but a very nice one that we love).

Ideas have a funny way of either exciting you or overwhelming you. It is important to take note of how they make you feel. If it excites you, do it. If the thought gives you anxiety let it go. In the wise words of Mary Kay Ash, “a mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one.”

So go forth and pursue the ideas that set your heart on fire.

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