Mental Rest

take a break

These days with so much technology and information constantly flying at us, we are not resting our minds enough. Most people are consuming information via technology from the minute they get up to the minute they fall asleep. While I am no expert, I can tell you that when I do not give my brain and eyes a break I feel the effects.

When we overstimulate our brains we are piling on unnecessary stress while potentially avoiding the real stressors in our lives. Think about it, we come home from a long day of work and immediately turn on the TV. We watch the news, make dinner with the noise in the background, eat dinner with said information streaming, maybe work out with some sort of technology to entertain us during that and then “rest” by watching TV more and playing on our phones until it is time to sleep.

There is a common misconception that playing a game on your phone is “resting”. However, you are merely masking your thoughts and ability to process the day with a game and a TV show. We need to be better about letting ourselves process things in order to respond to them better.

People talk about getting away for the weekend and “unplugging”. Why do we not incorporate this into our daily routines rather than just a weekend once a year? Our minds need true rest without distractions. We let our bodies rest on the couch for hours, but never give our minds a break.

I think we would all benefit from this mental rest each day. I think just 30 minutes of peace and quiet, doing nothing each day, would allow us to operate in our lives more efficiently and happily. This time is not spent working out, reading or doing anything else. It is simply being present and alone with your thoughts.

Maybe it is time you take in the morning to reflect on the day ahead and just embrace the quiet. For non morning people (like me), this time is better spent at the end of the day to decompress. No matter when you do it, you should unplug and just let your mind wander.

It is not meditation, where you are blocking any and all thoughts, but rather allowing yourself to think, feel and breath. Your brain needs to explore without boundaries or suggestions. So, make time for a mental break every day. I bet you will find that your ability to process the chaos of everyday life will improve. So, take a break, be still and let your mind rest.

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