The Road to Being Unapologetically Me

As I have been writing more and more about leading a happy and healthy life, I amFashion Junkies discovering one major key to being unapologetically me. I am finding that giving myself grace and room to make mistakes is huge. I am finding that, while my expectations for myself are good and keep me striving for bigger and better things, my expectations also cause me to feel guilty and have anxiety when I am not my best.

The most important thing to remember on this journey is that grace wins every time. Giving yourself love rather than judgement will allow you to be more authentic and help you to stop apologizing for being yourself. Happiness comes from honoring who you truly are and some times you are not your best, but that is ok.

Life is much prettier through non judgmental eyes. Love yourself enough to be real. We are all a combination of good and bad. The key is to be kind to yourself when you are not your best. Accept your flaws and love yourself through them.

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