With all the technology available to us at all hours of the day it is inevitable that you will comparisons_dogs-540x479compare yourself to someone else at some point. While it is natural to do so and a subconscious act, it can have damaging effects on your mental health. If you are consuming information about other’s lives all day everyday you are inevitably comparing your life to theirs several times a day.

This repeated pattern over an extended period of time can cause you to question many things in your life. You will find yourself becoming more and more insecure about who you are and the decisions you make. You can even become depressed.

Of course I love social media, I am a freelance social media specialist, but it should be consumed in moderation like anything else. We all need a break, time to reflect on our own lives and what we want. Too much time spent looking at other’s lives can alter the way we think about our own.

By comparing ourselves to others we are telling ourselves we are not good enough or that we need to be doing what they are doing to be happy. Social media distorts reality and can make you think that you need x, y or z to be happy. The reality, however, is that you only need you to be happy. You have to love yourself and where you are right now to be happy.

What you are or are not doing in comparison to others does not matter. As long as you are being true to yourself and what you want, then you have no reason to compare. So, remember to take breaks from social media. Love yourself and accept who you are, comparing yourself to others will not bring you joy.

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