Give it more than a day

Have you ever made a change and after the first day you want to change back to the waydownload (1) it was before? Making changes in life can be extremely difficult. However, it is imperative to give yourself more than a day to adapt and adjust.

Change is meant to challenge us. That is why it is hard. Whether you are changing jobs, your diet, exercise, your hair or things in your life all together, you have to give yourself more than one day to evaluate said change.

When you can allow yourself to embrace this transition in your life, rather than over analyzing it, you will be more likely to keep the change, rather than revert back to old habits. If you are attempting to do something different, you are acknowledging that you do not like where you are right now. Therefore, you should not give up after only one day.

The world was not made in one day. Rome was not built in one day. Abs are not formed in one day. So, you cannot expect to love the changes you are making in one day either. Keep an open mind and embrace the process. Before you know it these changes will become apart of your routine and daily life. Rather than giving change one day, take change one day at a time.

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