Glass half full or empty?

Would you say you perceive the world as a glass half full or half empty? I would say that41mlYP2d0KL._AC_UL320_SR318,320_ I start with a half full perception until given a reason to believe or feel otherwise. On the other hand, some people start off skeptical and then change to seeing the glass half full. Then, there are those who firmly believe the glass is always half empty, no matter what.

These people are the ones who always have problems with something at restaurants. These people are the ones criticizing others for insignificant things. These are the people who make mountains out of mole hills.

We have all encountered these people now and again, but understanding how to handle them is important. You can offer a glass half full perspective upon negative comments or you can let them voice their opinion and move on. It is their choice to view the world this way, so you have to choose how you respond.

While I choose not to live this way, I have to keep in mind that it is not my job to try and change them. In fact, offering too many counter opinions may cause more negativity rather than a change in perspective. In these moments you have to choose your battles wisely.

You get to control you, that is it. Don’t get caught up in others’ negativity. It will only make you bitter. Instead, offer your positivity when appropriate and let go of the rest. Remember, you get to choose how you see the world. Choose wisely what you fill your cup with.

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