Be flexible

“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”- Anthony Robbins56

As my husband and I adjust to working together and growing our antique business, I am finding this quote to be particularly relevant. We are constantly having to adapt and adjust our days to meet our business needs and figure out what works. While our approach continues to change, we remain firm in our decision to pursue this venture.

One of my biggest weaknesses is that I get frustrated when my expectations are not met. Often, this means I beat myself up if I have to push an item on my to do list to the next day. I also tend to micromanage due to these expectations that things should be done a certain way.

What I am finding more and more as I work with my husband and as we control our own schedule, is that I have a hard time being flexible with things that are not crucial to our business. For example, I wanted to clean the house yesterday, but we had a goal to get our 3rd antique booth set up today and we ended up working late into the evening finishing our pricing etc.

I felt very frustrated and down on myself for not accomplishing this goal, but, it did not matter if I cleaned today or yesterday. Learning to be more flexible is really learning to be understanding and gracious with your time and energy. For people like myself who have a high level of “achiever” it is difficult to relax when you feel the work is not done.

The truth of the matter is that as long as you are committed to your goals it is ok to adjust your means of attaining those goals. So, if you are struggling to keep up with your new year’s resolution or a goal you are working toward, remember to give yourself grace. Keep in mind that setbacks are apart of your growth and you do not have to do everything in one day. Be flexible.


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