Hurry up and wait

Don’t you hate when you get to a restaurant early, to beat the rush, and then you still Hurry-Up-and-Wait.pnghave to wait? Or you get to the airport early to make sure you have time to get through security only to get through in no time at all? This hurry up and wait thing is my life right now.

While my husband and I have plenty of opportunities and things to work on each day, we have several things we have to wait on before we can move forward in many areas of our lives. Playing this waiting game is both humbling and scary all at the same time. We know that everything will turn out as it should, but living in the unknown and anticipation of it all can be exhausting.

I saw the following quote today that spoke to what I am going through and really liked the message:

“Keep telling yourself that things are going to work out even when you don’t know how. The positive attitude and optimism will start to change everything that’s happening in your life. Keep having hope and believing that things will get better.”

Sometimes, this is all we can do. It doesn’t give you answers or solve anything, but it allows you to embrace and accept where you are right now. It is incredible what a positive attitude can do for your life and happiness. If you can believe that everything will be ok, it very likely will.

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