We are all weird

We all have secrets. We all have odd habits. We are all different. However, sometimes wecd3098ca5aa8814edeebc25a4b3aaff5 meet people and think, “man they are so normal”.

The reality though, is that no one is normal. If you feel like they are normal, you just don’t know them well enough. We all have quirks that make us who we are and there is no such thing as normal if you think about it.

We are merely the sum of our experiences. You should never feel bad for being you. You are made to be different and no one is exactly like you. Revel in this fact and embrace your weirdness, because it is what makes you special.

Never believe someone is normal, because normal is a definition very specific to each person. What is normal to you is foreign to me. So go forth and be the weirdo you are meant to be.


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