When to say when

There are many times in our lives when we have to let things go and sever ties. These yes-no-maybe-dice-300x300times are not always easy, but are often necessary. Whether it is leaving a relationship, a job or a business partnership it can be hard to not only make the decision, but to pull the trigger as well.

I have a tendency to just “rip the bandaid off”, so to speak, when it comes to these decisions. Sometimes this can be good and sometimes this can be bad. Regardless, I generally use one important method to make my move.

When I am faced the the choice of staying or going I consider, of course what my plan will be without that thing in my life and what I will do next. However, when it comes to pulling the trigger I evaluate how much time I have spent thinking about the situation. If it is something that is a recurring thought every day, then it is pretty clear to me that it is my time to make a change. If it is merely a fleeting thought I have had one or two times, I do not put any stake into it.

For me, knowing when to say when is never easy. Big changes never feel like the right time, but you have to trust yourself and take risks sometimes. Pay attention to recurring thoughts and feelings, it is likely that they are telling you when to say when.

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