Feeling like a failure

Since both my two different quote of the day things referred to failure today I figured itdownload (2) was a sign that I should write about this today. Interestingly enough, both quotes talked about failure in terms of trying and true failure being when you do not try. I like this coordination of failure and trying, because many times we think if we don’t try then we will never fail, but that is not entirely true.

I think that the very act of going after something you want is success. Failure is literally the absence of something, so not trying is not doing and therefore failing. Many times I feel like a failure when I have tried and it did not turn out the way I hoped it would. However, I should really just be congratulating myself for trying and then try again the next day.

Failure is in our faces all the time. We see it when we look at other  businesses and wish we were as successful as them or magazines and wish we had the bodies of other people. These comparisons immediately tell us we are failures because not being this or that means we have failed. The reality is that we will never be just like anyone else, so all we can do is try to be the best versions of who we want to be rather than who another person is.

You will lose all the races you never enter. You will fail every test you don’t take. However, if you can just try and push forward you will never truly fail. As Beverly Sills said, “you may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.”  

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