Polished for greatness

When we clean mirrors we wipe them and rub them down. The same hold true for silver c2b5ec50419ce5f046519bc9b69fee7for gold. We polish them to keep them shiny and sparkling.

In life we also have to have people to push us and polish us every so often. If we are not held accountable by our peers and those around us we will not achieve greatness. Being the best, “shiny” version of ourselves comes from others giving us feedback and helping to polish us.

Learning and improving is the only way to become the best version yourself. You have to be open to being polished to become shiny and new. Of course, others may ding you a bit or chip you, but those imperfections ultimately allow you to see who you really are.

To be better you have to be open to feedback. Allow yourself to be polished to greatness. You will never see yourself the way others will, nor will you see your potential like others. Let them help you see and make you shine.

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