Blank Page

I love writing. I love starting with a blank page and letting my mind wander. I can only http_i.huffpost.comgen1130054imagesh-BLANK-PAGE-628x314imagine that artists feel the same way with a blank canvas.

This empty space is a place for me to express myself freely. It gives me no boundaries or rules. Writing on a blank page provides me with the ability to start fresh every day. I can forget about the days before and focus on the here and now and the creativity at hand.

Really, every day is like a blank page though. We are all writing the next page of the book that is our life every day. We hit the reset button when we go to sleep at night and get to try again the next day.

What if we looked at each day as a blank page, rather than another day in a week, month or year? What if we could be open to all the possibilities each day holds instead of placing parameters on ourselves all day long? Wouldn’t we be happier? Wouldn’t we be more authentic versions of ourselves?

I know that this is not that simple, but it is really the idea of letting go. It is the idea of letting yesterday be on one page and today on another. Living in the moment is far more satisfying than living in the shadows of days past. Try to think of each day as a blank page or canvas. Write in the story you wish to live and then live it each day. You are a blank page and you get to choose what words you put on it.


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