A visitor’s perspective

I wish I could see my town through the eyes of a visitor. Last week my husband and I unnamedspent the day walking around New Orleans (about 6 miles total) and just taking it all in. While we didn’t do any of the “touristy” things, we did get to see areas that those who just live here see and live in all the time.

While there are buildings that are rough and areas you have to avoid, there is so much beauty in this city! Not only is there a rich history and gorgeous architecture, there is a plethora of beautiful vegetation. It’s silly, but I wish I could see this beauty in my city.

We spend every day in our towns and become desensitized to everything around us. We take for granted the history and unique things that make our hometowns great. All places have something special to offer. If we could see through the eyes of a visitor we may appreciate the everyday a little more.

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