Since my word for the year is embrace I am constantly finding different ways to viewProduct-categorization-from-samasource this word and incorporate it into my life. I stumbled across this quote today that really intrigued me. “Allow rather than resist what arises in the present moment-inside or out. Let it be interesting rather than good or bad.” – Dan Millman

I know that my word, embrace, is meant for me to live in the present and not resist what is going on in my life. However, Millman points out how we get so caught up in categorizing everything in our day to day lives. We determine if every experience or interaction is good or bad.

The problem with this mindset is that by placing these parameters on everything we are not allowing ourselves to truly embrace every moment. We especially dismiss times when we feel we had a bad day or a negative interaction.

If we were to look at those situations that may be unpleasant with interest and curiosity, we could potentially erase the stigma associated and truly embrace the moment. The same goes for happy and good things, but we naturally do this because it was favorable for us.

So, as I continue to try and embrace my life over the next year I hope to keep an open and curious mind. I hope to appreciate every moment for what it could be rather than what it appears to be based on my first reaction. There is so much more to our lives than we normally know, so I will remain curious.

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