Kind Words

Do you struggle to communicate with kindness regularly? Do you find yourself not Postcard front 2thanking people for doing things for you or telling them well done for their hard work? Then it is likely that you are human.

We all have our moments when speaking kindly comes more naturally than others. What we don’t notice is that when we are kind to those around us it is not all that hard. It actually comes quite easy.

So, if it is easy, why aren’t we speaking with kindness all the time? Unfortunately, when kindness is not our first response it is because we are focused to closely on ourselves. We are  so caught up in building ourselves up, due to insecurities, that the thought of lifting others is “too much work”.

However, the reality about this simple act of kindness is that when we do it, we too reap the benefits. Mother Teresa said, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Not only will you give comfort and joy to others, but deep within you will find that the ripple effect of your kindness will inspire you and ultimately heal your soul.

Life is too short to walk around spewing hate and negativity. Work on speaking love and inspiration over yourself and others. While you will never know the full extent of these words, you can feel in your heart the love that only comes from kind words.

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