Another year older

Yesterday I turned 28 years old. At 28, I feel my age. I feel exactly how I think I should.download

I feel like I deserve to enjoy life and embrace the life I am blessed to have, but I also feel my age. I feel the necessary sense of responsibility acquired throughout years of living as an adult. I feel like I have so much life yet to live.

Yesterday was the best birthday. I did nothing particularly extraordinary, but I did all the ordinary things with extraordinary happiness and joy. I enjoyed good food, good drinks with good people.

Some may say it was low key or underwhelming, but to me it was perfect. I did what I wanted. I did simple things with little expectations. At 28, I just wanted to enjoy a day doing the things I enjoy, I didn’t have to do anything crazy. I just wanted to remember why I love this crazy, beautiful life that is mine. Cheers to 28!

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