You’ve heard the saying, don’t assume anything because it makes an ass of you and me, 101413_0048_ToAssumeisa1right? This is easier said than done. I have a bad habit of assuming what people think of me.

I assume that people think I am incapable and ill equipped to do many things. I assume that people think I am not the kindest person and that I am aggressive. I assume the worst.

Assumptions are a reflection of your own thoughts. So, if you think that others think you are aggressive, it is because you perceive yourself that way. Of course, it is ok to be self aware and reflect on your behaviors, but it is not healthy to assume what others think of you.

You can never truly know what someone thinks of you unless they tell you. You cannot control it either. You can ,however, control your thoughts about yourself. You can choose to assume the best rather than the worst, when it comes to who you are.

You have the power to shift your thinking and love yourself. Never assume anything unless it is about you and only you. You cannot predict anything accept for your own actions. Use this power to build confidence and embrace who you are. After all, the thoughts of others do not define you.

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