Natural Born Leader

I have been told that I am a natural leader. It always surprises me to hear this though, istock_14793457_mediumbecause I do not see myself that way. I see myself as independent and outspoken, but not as a leader.

I think I shy away from referring to myself as a leader because I have experienced many leaders who abused their power. I have never wanted to bully people into doing what I want or “boss” people around. However, that is not the true meaning of leadership.

Leadership is as I see myself. Leading requires someone willing to march to the beat of their own drum. It requires thinking for yourself. Leading is about inspiring and encouraging others to find their own voice and take charge of their own lives.

So, I suppose I am a natural born leader. I hope to inspire others to lead in their own way as well. After all, leading is what you make it. It is about carving your own path, not walking the one already laid.

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