My Dad

My dad was the first man I loved. My dad is my role model. My dad is my biggest unnamedcheerleader.

Today is Father’s Day. Today is a time to reflect on the amazing impact our dads have on our lives and thank them for all they have done for us. Today I want to cheer on my dad with the same unwavering dedication that he has had for me throughout my life.

I have never had a shortage of support from either of my parents. However, my dad’s way of supporting me was coaching me. He would subtly challenge my talents and push me to be stronger and better than before.

My dad is a major reason for the success I have found throughout my life. My dad is incredible. He is very talented in many ways and has overcome adversity several times.

My dad has a drive and mind for business like no other. His ability to focus and work hard is something I have been fortunate enough to inherit. As I have watched him navigate this hard and cruel world I have learn so much. I have learned that you can always change your mind and that trying something new has no age limit.

I hope to build my business like he has built his. I hope to never let anyone keep me down and never give up. I hope to always have a sense of humor no matter what. I hope to love my spouse and children in the same unconditional way. I hope to be like my dad.

Happy Fathers Day!

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