Out of the box

I am almost done with the book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson. In 0062641549the book he challenges the normal way of thinking. He challenges the ideals of so many other “self help” books.

In the 6th chapter he talks about fear and why people do not achieve or succeed. He talks about how people fear change and going a different direction because it will not align with the values we have for ourselves and the perception of who we are. One example that stuck out was an accountant that wanted to be an artist. He would rather do his art on the side and be known by no one than take the risk of being the full time artist that is known by no one.

I loved this, because I struggle with similar thoughts every day. I fear more business because I don’t want to lose my “work/life balance” persona. I fear failing and disappointing people. However, he goes on to say that we should strive to live in more uncertainty.

His solution and way to overcome these boxes we place ourselves into, is to never be certain of anything. Since my word for the year is embrace, this reminds me to keep an open mind. I feel that I am pretty good at doing this most of the time, but not when it comes to who I am and want to be day to day.

You can change. You can adapt and be whatever version of yourself you want to be each day. No one ever said that you have to be x, y or z. You have placed these parameters on yourself, so you can remove them. Choose what feels right. Get out of your comfort zone and follow the part of your heart that is yearning for more.

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