Celebrate the small wins

Everyday we have small wins. However, everyday we overlook these wins. We do nodownload (1)t give them the celebration and admiration they deserve.

All too often we find ourselves caught up in the need for big success. We want to make mountains move everyday. The reality, however, is that we will not do this everyday.

You may even go weeks or months without a “big win”. So, how do you stay positive and motivated? You do this by taking a closer look at your life and each day.

Today’s win may be that you ate healthy all day. It may be that you checked everything off your to do list. It may be that you got to work on time or early. No matter how small, it is important to acknowledge the little things.

By celebrating the small wins each day, you are validating yourself and reminding yourself that you are strong and headed in the right direction. Over time, you will find that your mood will be better and outlook on life sweeter by having something positive to pat yourself on the back for every day. It is a choice to recognize your abilities and wins. Don’t take a single day for granted, because those small wins may turn into big wins down the road.

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