I have a problem. Like many American women, I spend much of my days thinking about Feet_on_a_Bathroom_Scale_9e8571cd-9f82-4478-8377-46a534e531bchow I wish I were thinner and prettier. I agonize over a 0.2 weight gain.

I enjoy beer and wine regularly and enjoy good food. However, I spend everyday counting calories, cramming work outs in and trying to drink as much water as possible. I like to think I am pretty healthy most days of the week and yet, this knowledge is not enough.

I beat myself up for my imperfections and when I am not the weight I feel I should be.  I dread when I will be in situations that I know I will be tempted to make poor food choices. I try to plan how I will avoid all the “bad” stuff.

The reality of all of this is that I am healthy. I am not overweight and I am not sedentary. So, why worry?

I fear “letting myself go”. I fear judgement of others. I fear being uncomfortable. But what I should fear more is what I am missing with all this worry.

I am missing the joy and peace of being comfortable in my own skin. I am beautiful and healthy. I am strong and independent. These are qualities to focus on, not the imperfections I likely only see. Life is more than the number on the scale.

I need to keep this in mind. If I am healthy and taking care of myself then what is there to worry about? The answer is nothing. Choose to let it go and love yourself. You will be happier in the end.

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