Are you a good listener? Are you someone who can hear something one time and How_to_listenremember it forever? If so, you have a quality I very much envy.

I am a terrible listener. I become easily distracted in conversation and before you know it the other person has said countless things that I have somehow missed entirely. However, I have mastered the art of covering this flaw. I can appear as though I am listening and involuntarily respond without having retained a word you have said.

This is a problem. While I have never formally been diagnosed with ADD, I am about 95% sure I have it. My complete inability to focus during a conversation sometimes is utterly ridiculous.

Listening is a skill that is truly irreplaceable. Having the ability to let others speak their mind and allow yourself to hear and absorb it is priceless. The very act of listening is showing someone you care and that you are fully invested in them at that moment.

This week my goal is to focus on listening more. I want to work on being a better friend, daughter, spouse, etc. through active listening. I plan to be slow to speak and fully engaged with every person I can. It is a simple act of kindness that could send ripples through the lives of those around me. If you are like me, give this a try this week and let me know how it goes.

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