Pen to paper

Call me old-fashioned, but I still LOVE writing on paper. While I do most of my writing writing-first-blog-paragraphon the computer, sometimes actually taking pen to paper provides a release unlike anything else. Especially when I am worked up, being able to write it out helps me immensely.

The feel of the pen, the permanence of the exercise and the privacy of the paper gives me so much comfort. I grew up writing in a journal. I have always needed a space to write with no real purpose other than to express myself. I think more people should take up this exercise.

Having a safe space to express your feelings and say what you really mean is rare anymore. To really take the time to write and leave your thoughts on a literal page is a fantastic way to deal with life’s challenges.

Even if it is just a notebook full of venting, it is a healthy outlet. If you are glued to your phone, and your mind is racing, give this a try. You will find that just getting your worries, fears, and failures on a page will help you to move past them and let them go. So, put pen to paper and let your mind flow. 

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