Lack of discipline

“The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret.” – Sarah Bombellpickyourpain

I can totally relate to this. I hate the feeling and pain of regret. I hate letting myself and others down.

While discipline can be painful, it comes with the reward of feeling accomplished. Whereas, regret is just painful. Regret is a matter of knowing that you deliberately chose wrong. Regret is the result of your lack of discipline.

As I continue to work from home and grow my business, I need to keep this in mind. Sometimes I choose to sleep in or put things off, and all I am left with is less time and more regret. I hope to be more disciplined. I hope to make better choices.

We can all do amazing things with a little discipline. Don’t regret the time you wasted by not starting today. Start now, it will always be worth it. 

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