Confidence in yourself

I would not describe myself as confident. Although I like to speak my mind and am iStock-615524918-1024x683honest with people, I am not always confident in myself. In fact, I am almost always second-guessing my words and actions.

Having confidence in yourself is a fantastic strength. It is having the ability to trust and put yourself out there unapologetically. While I do this in my writing, I struggle to do this with my business.

I know deep down that I am capable of running a successful business and growing my client base; however, I continue to doubt myself. The fear of letting others down or not living up to their expectations is almost crippling. So, how do you get past this and find your confidence?

I find my confidence through doing. I stop thinking about what could happen and how I could fail and simply do. I find that confidence is not a thought process, so much as it is an action. You cannot be confident when you are continually overthinking things and second-guessing yourself. Confidence comes from going for what you want and not looking back. So, start doing and stop thinking, you know you are capable. It is time to show people your strength. 

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