Vulnerability and Courage

“Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.” – Brene BrownbneGeneric rope fray vulnerable risk danger crisis Cropped

No one particularly wants to be vulnerable. No one wants to be in a situation or place that they cannot control what or how people think of them. Unfortunately, when it comes to starting a small business, you have to be vulnerable.

Businesses do not happen without at least one person taking a chance and putting them self out there. You have to be willing to be vulnerable to gain trust and buy-in. For most of us, this is utterly terrifying.

However, this act of honesty and realism is where true courage lies. The judgment of your character and hard work is inevitable. So, many people choose not to put themselves out there.

Those who can handle this vulnerability with a humble and brave heart will very likely succeed. If you have enough courage to persevere through the initial phase of judgment and continue on, you will be stronger down the road. Any obstacles thereafter that that come will be a breeze. Let your guard down and have courage. You will be favored in the end for taking that risk, and your courage will be measured far greater than your vulnerability. 

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