Breaking your conditioning

The other day I had lunch with one of my clients. She is a wonderful artist who is 354e6f0532b0d81f036e77724c2fb26b--michelangelo-learning-quotesworking on building her business while working her full-time job. We had a lovely discussion about how to run our businesses and the fear of taking the next steps.

We both shared the same fear of not being “experts” in our fields. While we understand that no one expects this from us, we find that this fear of judgment is hard to overcome when putting ourselves out there. In talking with her, I realized why we have this fear and feel the need to be perfect and have all the answers.

From a young age we are conditioned to learn how to do things and then do them, no questions asked. We get hired for jobs and for the most part we are the experts in that particular role. This is the expectation when working for someone else.

However, there are no rules when it comes to running your own business. You are always going to be learning and adapting. While it may be hard to sell yourself when you feel you do not have all the answers, you have to keep in mind that you have more answers than some.

We need to break this conditioning that we have to know everything. Because the need for knowledge and continued learning is never-ending. Never let the fear of the unknown hold you back because that is very likely where your success lies.


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