We all have different reasons for doing things. Everyone is motivated by different things. benjamin-franklin-sayings_16923-0For my husband, he is motivated by rewards and social interaction. When it comes to running, he is driven by the reward he will get after accomplishing his goal, like beer and going out with friends.

For me, I am motivated by accomplishing milestones. I like to try new things, so I push myself to run further, faster and more often. I crave the satisfaction that comes from hard work.

Of course, these examples relate to exercise, but I think they speak to how we handle our daily lives as well. We all have different needs that we want to be met. The journey to meet those needs motivates us to achieve. However, we have to be realistic about our goals and find ways to motivate ourselves that align with who we are.

I can be motivated by being under pressure and having little time to get things done, but this type of motivation is not healthy or sustainable. The key to lasting motivation and avoiding burnout is to do things in a way that makes sense to you. You have to allow yourself to process things in a way that excites you but does not overwhelm you.

If you can approach life with an eagerness to reach your goals and meet your needs, but an understanding that it may take time to do it the right way, then you will be much happier in your pursuit. Let your natural motivators guide you. Don’t let the pressure of other’s expectations or judgments push you, you will drive yourself if you just listen to your heart.

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