Leave it at the office

I am a big believer in leaving your work at the office. However, there are times during bigstock-Blank-To-Do-List-27249434the work week that this is just not possible in order to get everything done. I get it.

I do think that the weekends should at the very least be protected. If you have to work long hours throughout the week and you bring your work home, you deserve a work-free weekend. Even merely making your to-do list for the following Monday before you leave for the weekend can drastically improve your ability to disconnect from work for a couple days.

Planning ahead and wrapping your mind around the coming week can relieve a lot of stress and anxiety. Rather than spending the weekend trying to remember all the of things you need to accomplish on Monday you can have it already thought out and a plan in place. In terms of work-life balance, this is one small step you can take toward finding a balance that suits you.

We all have different ways of operating, but we all need rest and a break. So, if nothing else today, try to plan your Monday before leaving the office for the weekend. I bet you will enjoy your weekend much more after doing so.

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