Start today

I am guilty of saying “oh I will start tomorrow” or “I will start on Monday” and then BxBqDQ2CYAAhlsnnever starting. I am guilty of giving up before I even begin. I am guilty of making excuses.

Over the past year, I have been working very hard on doing the things I enjoy more. I have made a conscious effort to make my happiness a priority. Sometimes this means saying yes to things and sometimes it means saying no. However, I have let fear hold me back from some things I genuinely want.

One thing I want is to “be buff” and “have abs.” I want to build muscle and have a leaner body. Yet I have been reluctant to join a gym or seek out the help necessary to achieve this goal. I tell myself that I will look into it, but I never do.

Today I am changing that. I am reaching out and taking action. I am putting my fears aside and actually starting today. While those fears still linger in the back of my mind, I know that they will fade once I find a new routine and just do it.

Just going for what you want and not letting excuses hold you back will lead to a happier you. You will find yourself reaching your goals and making new ones. So, start today and stop making excuses. 

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