I didn’t know I have anxiety

I stumbled across an article published by PopSugar Fitness yesterday that caught my tmp_PZBZDt_b9389c793a986501_itattention. The caption read, “I never understood why frightening images and scenarios would pop into my head, leaving me anxious and scared.” While I would not describe myself as someone with anxiety, I was intrigued by this statement, because I could relate.

Many times while driving or running on the sidewalk by a busy street I will have thoughts of terrible accidents happening to me. I will literally visualize them happening and almost anticipating them. I never really thought much about these “visions” until I saw this post.

In the times I am having these thoughts, I am not particularly stressed, but I am obviously distracted. I think these visualizations are a source of worry. They are caused by anxiety and a need to know what will happen next. If you think about it, I am literally trying to predict the future and prepare for the worst when these thoughts occur.

Although I would not consider my anxiety debilitating or causing me much harm, it is creating unnecessary stress. This stress, if left unmanaged, can lead to more significant problems in the future. I plan to try and be calmer and live in the moment going forward. I may even take a minute before driving or running on the street to find peace and clear my mind of negative thoughts.

Anxiety can creep up out of nowhere, but it can be managed with a little practice and self-care. Unfortunately, we cannot control everything that happens to us. However, we can choose how we go about our days and enjoy what we can control. Waiting and anticipating the next storm only leads to more anxiety and unhappiness. So, live in the moment and try to embrace the good rather than focusing on what could go wrong. 

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